New Studio

It’s finally complete and clean enough to actually take pictures, which is totally rare because I can destroy this space in about 5 minutes.

I love being next to a bright sunny window to work, what a huge difference…..



And I have a total weakness for fresh flowers! They always seem to cheer me up no matter what is going on that day.



I think every mom that is kind enough to grocery shop, cook meals etc….deserves to treat themselves to a few fresh flowers every week.


Circus Lion and Bear

More fun with polka dot paintings! I am loving the combination of gray and brown for nursery decor. It’s a color combination that not only looks beautiful, but can be used for both boys and girls to create a beautiful nursery that can be enjoyed for many years to come! Plus these lightweight canvasses are completely nerf-ball proof , which is super important in my house.


The Zoo

Whenever I can, I love to head to the zoo for a little animal inspiration. We recently had a gorgeous day here in Chicago so we made a quick visit before the snow hits.

Be sure to do something that you love as often as you can, it feels so good to just relax and enjoy a beautiful day once in a while.

This is the Chicago skyline from Lincoln Park Zoo, beautiful!








Marathon Weekend

We had a wonderful get a away weekend spending time with great friends, shopping, eating (too much) and watching the runners of the Chicago Marathon.

I recently took my camera in for some tweaking and was able to get some great photos of the event as well as some beautiful photos from our zoo visit later in the day.

I love spending time down in the city! There is always so much to do and the people are all so friendly and helpful. Being a rooky, the learning curve can be steep at times but there is always a welcoming Chicagoan to help you out if you get completely lost as I tend to do.

Congrats to all of the Marathon heros that finished, great job!


Loved this quote!


Fields of Lollipops

I have been super busy lately trying to get the new studio set up and organized, which is incredibly difficult for me because I am constantly distracted by so many ideas for new paintings. I will post pictures as soon as it’s complete, promise. If nothing else it is a great motivator for me to finish it in a somewhat organized manner, (hopefully soon). In the meantime, here’s a new piece that I have been working on lately.


I am totally obsessed with lollipops. Crazy I know, but  I actually think their colors are beautiful for children’s art. I have been focusing on creating inspirational work that can apply to all children, whether they are a boy or girl. Especially if you’re doing a first nursery, what a great idea to design it in a way that can be used forever and does not need to be redone with each future child that you may want to have.